Booqsi — A more social alternative to Goodreads and StoryGraph


Hey everyone! 👋

After a lot of hard work, we’re ready to unveil the first beta version of Booqsi to you all 🎉

I know reading books isn’t everyone’s thing, but it’s certainly been mine for as long as I can remember. Getting lost in a book has always been a way for me to find rest in an often-hurried world.

Unfortunately, I felt like the online book space was missing a platform that does the book community justice. Goodreads is the go-to “social platform”, but if you’ve been on Goodreads before, you’ll probably agree that it’s not all that social, and overall not all that exciting 😅

So I set out to build what I personally was looking for (but could never find). The goal: to give the book community a more social and streamlined alternative to Goodreads or StoryGraph.

We also felt like it was important for Booqsi to be independent of Amazon; we care about supporting local bookstores, so every book in Booqsi links you to to purchase that book (not Amazon).

Here are some of my favorite features launched as part of beta:

💭 A book-focused social feed (finally!)
📚 Beautifully-rendered custom bookshelves to show off to your friends
✨ Streamlined book recommendations to friends
✔ Easily track reading goals and books you’ve read

And so many more…

Booqsi is a love-letter to the book community – a place that I hope fuels (or rekindles) your love of reading and reminds you that you’re surrounded by people with a similar passion.

It’s completely free and easy to use, and we would love your feedback as you explore the platform.

See you on Booqsi, and happy reading! 📚

– Justin Berding


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